Secrets You Should Know Before Being A Dog Groomer

Secrets You Should Know Before Being A Dog GroomerDogs are really cute, if you really love pets especially dog and love taking care of your dogs, it shows that you are a pet lover. And, when you are taking your dog to dog grooming, and you take a participation to clean your dog. A dog groomer can be your right career path. And, if you really want to be a dog groomer, this following article about facts of being dog groomer that you should know before being a dog groomer. This article will tell you explicitly about the information of the salary, grooming training, certification, etc.

Dog groomer is a job that is responsibility to maintain and improve an appearance of dogs. Here, you should master several grooming tasks like hair brushing, nail cutting, hair cutting, bathing, as well as styling. As dog groomer, you also need to have a high skill in different grooming techniques. Having strong customer service skills is a must know your customer’s needs. There are essential information you need to know before being a dog groomer. Most of the dog groomers are well-trained, it means you should join in a training class to be a dog groomers. Dog grooming training are available in different methods including being an apprentice in a veteran groomer and attending a dog grooming school. Both training methods have its good points and disadvantages. For the program will take from two weeks to several months. Training will include grooming skills, grooming tool usage, customer handling, advanced grooming style.

Before Being A Dog Groomer

Actually, offering dog grooming service can be easy as you think, and as a dog groomer you may not need a certification to work. But, you should understand, when you have a dog grooming certification, your service can be easily trust by your potential customers. In order to get your certification. There are several organizations that offer you a dog grooming certification including International Professional Groomers, Inc. and the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. You should pass a series of exam including grooming technique used in different breeds before getting your certification. How much is dog groomer salary? According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2017, dog groomers and nonfarm animal caretakers could earn a median hourly wage of $11.13. Besides, the annual salary was $23.160. Other nonfarm animal caretakers are those who care for zoo pets and animals and circus animals.