Now You Can Do Dog Grooming at Home

Bringing your lovely dogs to the best pet grooming in the city may cost your high. Why do not you try to groom your dogs at home? One of the significant benefits is Pet grooming at home can teach your children to love them and take care of them. Several equipments you should prepare; a brush, a grooming table, clippers, blade coolant, styptic powder and nail clipper.

However, Nontonfilm88 pet grooming at home may take times and energy but pet home grooming is a great bonding time for you and your dogs. Here we give several steps for dog grooming at home. The first step of dog grooming is brushing. Cleaning dog’s teeth are the key to keep your dog staying clean and healthy. Put your dog in a bathtub, for brushing you can use a slick and metal brush then goes through hair carefully and pull out grass, dirt, and burrs. It is better for doing regular brushing for their health. Next is bathing time. We suggest you use a superior-quality shampoo and avoid harsh ingredients for reducing hair fall possibility.

Next step is cut their hair. After brushing and bathing, you should give them a trim. We recommend to use professional clippers (a no.10 clipping blade) then you can give a haircut to your dogs carefully. To start shaving your dogs, start with the clean and dry hair. Starting to shave your dogs from the neck and go down to their body and keep the blade is flat against their skin. You should be careful in thin skin, hocks, belly, and underarms. The last step is giving a nail trim. Do not forget giving nail styptic powder for protecting dog’s nails.