Green Dog Wash: Recommended Dog Grooming Service in Colorado and Florida

Do you have a dog but do not have a time to groom it by yourself? If the answer is yes then using a dog grooming service can be your solution. Green Dog Wash is one of the recommended service you can use if you live in Colorado and Florida. This grooming service offers full service choices for your dog. The first one is Full-Service Wash. This service includes brushing out, nail grinding or clipping, brushing teeth, bathing with special ShamPooch, towel and no-heat drying, and ear and eye cleaning.

The wash attendants are all experienced and trained to ensure the comfort of your dog. The second full-service is Full-Service Grooming. This service include particular haircut according to your individual preference or breed standard, brushing out, nail grinding or clipping, brushing teeth, ear and eye cleaning, towel and no-heat drying, and bathing with special ShamPooch.

Dog Grooming Service

The appointments for this dog grooming service are booked according to the service you choose and the breed. During your first visit, you are expected to leave the dog for approximately 3 hours at most, depends on the coat condition and the breed. The staffs take detailed noted about the demeanor, haircut desired, and coat of your dog to predict the time for future visit. After a couple visit, you may request certain Canine Stylist whom your dog is comfortable with. Your dog will not be caged, which means this grooming service does not take a lot of dogs at the same time. You can schedule your appointment 3 days beforehand at maximum. During Christmas and Thanksgiving, a week scheduling is applied. Make sure to arrive and pick up on time to make sure every customer has the best service.

Full Grooming Service

The prices in this dog grooming service are set according to the coat condition, length desired, average standard size, and the breed. Pricing can be considered the hardest part of grooming business. The grooming service has a common price list according to the breed. However, you may need to pay higher than the price listed. You can discuss the price with the staff beforehand to make sure you get what you pay. Make sure to inform the staff about your dog’s behavior to ensure their safety as the staffs are working with sharp equipment and dogs tend to move around during the process. Any information regarding your dog can be a huge help to the staffs during the grooming process.